Automotive Data

Your marketing campaign is only as effective as the data you use.

We understand that selling cars hinges on getting the right people onto your lot at the right time. Which is why Karen Rae Advertising focuses extensive time and effort on collecting and analyzing customer data. Then we work closely with you to help determine where and how to reach the ideal customers for your dealership.

Targeted Marketing Lists

Karen Rae Advertising's Data Solution Services allow you to target consumers based on a wide variety of demographics including YEAR, MAKE, MODEL, INCOME, AGE, HOME VALUE, ZIP CODES, CREDIT SCORES, and more. Our targeted marketing list options include multiple registered owner lists, credit lists, open lease lists, and expiring lease lists, bankruptcy lists, saturation lists, and more.


Conquest Data
Karen Rae Advertising helps you identify and target potential vehicle buyers who are “ready to buy” the brand/s that your dealership sells. We are able to pull by YEAR, MAKE & MODEL as well as VIN NUMBER in every state.

Customer Data
Karen Rae Advertising's Dealer File Integration Services help you improve profitability through the development and retention of a solid customer base. We have the capability to integrate with data from almost every dealer database system.

Individual Credit Data
Individual Credit Data is compiled from the three major credit bureaus and can provide you with elements such as actual credit ranges, lease terminations, loan equity and closed auto loans.

Bankruptcy Data
This data is compiled from all Federal Court Houses and is updated daily. Karen Rae Advertising can use this data to aggressively market highly profitable finance and insurance programs to a precisely-targeted market.

Saturation RESIDENT/OCCUPANT or DEMOGRAPHIC SELECTIONS at an individual household level
Target EVERYONE in an area with “resident/occupant” mail, or select individual households based on factors such as age, income, length of residence, lifestyle interests, etc.

Parts and Service Marketing List Solutions
Karen Rae Advertising helps you retain current customers and prospect new ones by targeting prospects who are statistically most likely to service their vehicle at your dealership. We can help you create and improve your service and parts programs to build strong customer relationships.

Business Marketing List Solutions
Karen Rae Advertising is ready to build you a list of targeted business prospects from data that includes more than 13 million U.S. businesses and 25 million vehicle records, as well as full D&B information. Karen Rae Advertising’s Business Marketing Solutions enables you to identify quickly and easily the businesses that own fleets and turn those prospects into customers.

Karen Rae Advertising provides the purest and strongest performing Targeted Marketing Lists in the country. For a FREE count of qualified prospects, contact Karen Rae Advertising TODAY!

Database Management

Karen Rae Advertising offers powerful Database Management Services to help you maintain a current and accurate customer database. Karen Rae Advertising manages your customer database in a way that helps you REDUCE COSTS, SAVE TIME and SELL MORE CARS!

Data Hygiene & Suppression Services
Karen Rae Advertising’s Data Hygiene & Suppression Services standardize address information and eliminate bad or restricted records from your database.

NCOALinkTM – 48 month National Change of Address Processing
Over 40 million Americans change their address annually… including many of your customers. Our NCOALinkTM service utilizes change-of-address information submitted to the United States Postal Service® to provide the most current coded addresses possible. Which means the amount of undeliverable mail is reduced, saving you money.

Data Suppression
This process eliminates duplicates within your database and between different lists so that each person/household receives only one package. This reduces the cost of mailing two or more pieces to the same person/household.

Name Suppression/DMA – Do Not Mail
This service indicates which records match the Direct Marketing Association’s Do Not Mail File, enabling you to remove “opt-out” names from your database.

Deceased Identification
Deceased Coding gives you the ability to remove deceased individuals from your marketing database, which reduces mailing costs and avoids awkward and negative impressions of your dealership.

Data Cleansing
This process weeds out incorrect data, by identifying which of your current customers no longer own the vehicle they purchased from your dealership, and ensures that you are sending out relevant information to each customer in your DMS, which gives you the opportunity to reconnect with an accurate, relevant message.

Data Enhancement Services
It’s amazing what’s hidden in your data. Using nothing more than a name and address, you can add phone numbers, email addresses, and demographic information. This added information helps to round out customer and prospect profiles, allowing for more pinpointed marketing efforts and robust follow-up.

Learn how Karen Rae Advertising can ensure your database is accurate, so your dealership can make the most of its marketing communications. Contact Karen Rae Advertising TODAY!