Direct Mail

Direct Mail...Our Expertise

Karen Rae Advertising has completed thousands of successful direct mail campaigns for dealerships all over the country. We have the automotive expertise and marketplace experience to achieve results. Best of all, we handle EVERYTHING for you – starting with the BEST automotive data available, to developing attention-getting designs and incentive offers, to complete implementation and results tracking of your campaign.

CO-OP COMPLIANCE: Karen Rae Advertising provides fully manufacturer compliant campaigns and will submit them for co-op approval on your behalf.

Karen Rae Advertising has the tools and technologies to create and track leads… and turn them into sales!

Karen Rae Advertising’s direct marketing campaigns result in hundreds of phone calls coming into your phone system. Because of this, we provide complete tracking and reporting of each and every phone call that is generated from our campaigns.

Toll Free Call Tracking with LIVE Call Transfer

Track your incoming phone calls with one easy-to-use tracking system that includes an IVR – (Interactive Voice Response) line. The IVR line uses a toll-free number to create prospects and ensures that you never miss a lead!

Web & Lead Tracking & Management

With Karen Rae Advertising, our primary focus is increasing your campaign response, increasing ROI from your marketing dollars, and reducing the finances and resources necessary to implement them. You don’t have to worry about maintenance, installation, or anything except selling cars! To ensure your success, we’ll use powerful tools like:

PURL – Personalized URL

A web link to capture leads that don’t call IVRs for whatever reason.

CRM – Customer Relationship Manager

A powerful system that records each lead immediately and provides deep and detailed visibility into each campaign, giving you the ability to:

Dramatically increase response rate
View progress & manage each campaign
Manage each lead
Know exactly who responded
Call Center Services (BDC)


Karen Rae Advertising has a live, professionally staffed, US-based call center that handles inbound and outbound calls resulting from our advertising campaigns; we answer calls, set appointments, and even make outbound calls for Internet leads.

Your customers want to talk to someone who can speak with them, not at them! We handle every call like you would – with attention to detail and respect for your customer’s needs.

Put the incredibly powerful lead-tracking tools and technologies at Karen Rae Advertising to work for your business. Contact us today!

Premiums & Incentives

Increase Response Rates from your existing marketing efforts by offering customers exciting Promotional Giveaways & Marketing Incentives with high perceived value! Use them as rewards for new customers who take test drives or set appointments. Use them to say “thank you” to your dealership’s most valued, loyal customers. Track campaign results by requiring customers to present their invitation to receive their FREE GIFT or WIN a PRIZE.

Your customers LOVE receiving gifts and Karen Rae Advertising has hundreds to choose from! Contact Karen Rae Advertising today for a complete list.

Product Categories:

  • Auto
  • BBQ
  • Electronics
  • Luggage
  • Tools
  • Umbrellas
  • Cutlery
  • Green Products
  • Housewares
  • Outdoor & Recreation Patriotic
  • Watches & Jewelry

Certificate Categories:

  • Redemption Certificates
  • Vacation Certificates
  • Shopping Certificates